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Hinchinbrook Shire Council – Grab your jackets. It looks like hell might’ve just frozen over

Local Authorities June 9, 2021

The Services Union is looking forward to meeting with Hinchinbrook Shire Council (HSC) members on Friday to discuss the current state of negotiations for the next EBA.

In a sudden turn of events, Council has contacted The Services Union with an updated wage offer.

Secretary Neil Henderson will be in attendance for a lunchtime meeting at 12.30pm on Friday 11 June 2021 to discuss HSC’s offer with our members and then to meet with the Council’s officers.

We now know that your work colleagues who were to be covered by the Agreement for Stream B and C employees have rejected the proposed separate Agreement.

Our view remains that the pay increases proposed thus far are substandard and it is no wonder that they were voted down. We also remain of the view that the increases which we have sought are modest and justifiable when the state of the economy is considered and when the productivity, which you have delivered in spades to the Council through what have been difficult times, is taken into account. We are also of the view that all employees at Hinchinbrook deserve a decent wage rise.

As you know the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission has now referred the matter to a Full Bench for hearing and determination, but that could be many months away and in the meantime, we are able to continue to negotiate.

If and when the matter does go to a hearing, we will be able to put forward your case justifying the pay increase you deserve and at the same time review the Council’s financial performance, including matters such as the extraordinary amounts of money the Council has spent on Human Resources advice!!

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