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Have Your Say At Logan City Council!

Local Authorities May 13, 2019

The Services Union is calling a general meeting at Woodridge Park behind the PCYC in your lunch break on Thursday 16th May 2019 at 12.30pm.

Your Workplace Delegates seek your feedback on the unfolding circumstances at Council, namely:

  • The dismissal of Council and appointment of an administrator; and
  • Whether we want to make a statement on the previous CEO Sharon Kelsey

Your organiser Lachlan Enshaw will be available to discuss other matters.

Please RSVP to

There’s a lot happening at Logan City Council. You don’t need to feel you are alone – join now:

*If you work somewhere other than Wembley Road or Logan Central, please contact organiser Lachlan Enshaw to organise alternative meeting arrangements.


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