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Gympie Regional Council – Union Stands for Job Security

Local Authorities November 12, 2020

Members of The Services Union at Gympie Regional Council have flagged ongoing concerns about potential changes to Council’s organisational structure. These concerns are due to the ever-evolving corporate structure situation. Because of those concerns, we participated in a specially convened Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) on Tuesday to discuss the situation and for the CEO to deliver his “Report Card”.

Regarding the next steps, the CEO advised that no decisions around the operational structure and staffing numbers would be made or considered until such time as he had made permanent appointments to the six senior management and change management positions, which are to be advertised shortly. The CEO further suggested that this appointment process should conclude by January or February next year. Our Union will write to the CEO requesting written confirmation of this. We will press the CEO on his thoughts about job security off the back of any workplace change. Please note that any statement from Council that “the Union is opposed to voluntary redundancies” is incorrect – we have not said anything of the kind, because we are obviously still awaiting the CEO’s feedback on whether there will be any proposed job cuts.

We appreciate that this is a difficult time given that the circumstances around workplace change will remain unclear until next year. What is clear is that when Council tried to unilaterally introduce workplace change and an “at-risk” job register earlier in the year, our Union was able to promptly swing into action thanks to strong membership and an active Workplace Delegate network, and stop the process in its tracks. If you know someone who is not yet a member of our Union, remind them that the best protection against the effects of a restructure is by joining. It’s easy at



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