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Gympie Regional Council – Time to Get Real!

Local Authorities June 16, 2022

The Services Union continues to be by your side as we pursue the pay outcome you and your fellow members at Gympie Regional Council deserve. We know you members continually deliver the outcomes your community expects, even if the Council won’t acknowledge this with a decent pay offer.

We met with the Council yesterday to further press your claim for a fair and reasonable wages package in your new Certified Agreement (CA). The Council refused to budge from its measly wages offer of 1.5% annually. We reiterated that this unconscionably lowball offer was never going to cut it. The Council suggested that it would be prepared to improve its offer but only if members were prepared to accept:

  • Removal of Annual Uniform Allowance if you aren’t customer-facing;
  • Removal of 25% sick leave payout when you leave; and
  • Reduction of salary maintenance to 12 months if your position is made redundant and you are redeployed into a lower-classified role.

Not only does the Council still want you to cop an overall pay cut across the board and give up hard-won conditions, it also expects you to cop a further reduction in your income if you are deemed surplus to requirements!

Once again, this offer falls well below what your colleagues have achieved at other Councils recently, and completely ignores all current and projected economic indicators including the underlying inflation rate of 3.7%.

We will be in contact next week to discuss all available options and our next steps in convincing the Council to get real with a pay proposal that recognises the value of your contribution to your community. In the meantime, please contact your Delegates Kristy Portas, Bonnie Farrow, Sarah Zillman, Michael Anderson or Tom Daunt with any questions.

If you work with someone who is not already a member, encourage them to join today. There’s strength in numbers, and anyone who joins will build our collective strength to win better wages for everyone.


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