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Brisbane City Council – Going back to the office? Important information

Local Authorities July 29, 2020

Your job is important to you but at the moment we have been living and working with a lot of uncertainty. Some of you will be returning to work at Brisbane Square and Green Square and may have some concerns about being COVID safe. We know that making sure there is clear communication is important to everyone.

The Services Union has held discussions with Brisbane City Council management about returning to office based work over the past weeks and have raised your concerns as they are alerted to us. One of the issues raised was staggered start and finish times. We can advise that staggered start and finish times were mooted but there is no general direction that this is required in all work areas. This will be up to each work area and their team to discuss, and will be considered by each Branch Manager.

There has also been lots of discussion about using the lift to get to your floor. Council direction is that there can be only 4 people in a lift at any time so it is anticipated this may delay your arrival. Council advises this has not been an issue to date but we should all factor in that it may become one as more people return to office buildings.

Finally, we have had discussions about the wearing of masks at work. Whilst Council does not require you to wear a mask, and is not providing them, it has been agreed that if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask you are free to do so.

We will keep an eye on all of these issues so if you find yourself being given contrary advice please let your local Workplace Delegate know as soon as possible.

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