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Fraser Coast Regional Council – A Challenging Start To Bargaining

Local Authorities June 11, 2021

The Services Union understands the value of the essential services you and your colleagues at Fraser Coast Regional Council deliver to your community every day. That’s why we’ll always be by your side to ensure you receive decent pay and conditions that recognise the importance of your work.

Our Union met with the Council yesterday to commence negotiations for your new Collective Agreement (CA) and exchanged Logs of Claims with management.

The Council proposed a four-year rollover of the current agreement with the following pay offer:

  • Year 1 – 1.5% increase
  • Year 2 – 1.75% increase
  • Year 3 – 2.00% increase
  • Year 4 – Unknown at this stage

Management made no mention of benchmarking against CPI which is forecast to be over 3% for the upcoming quarter.

Accepting this opening offer would see the gap between your wages and the cost of living increase dramatically.  Additionally, your wages would fall even further behind those of your colleagues at similar Councils given that you are currently the lowest-paid Category 4 workforce, as this table shows:

The Services Union tabled a low-cost Log of Claims based on your survey input. Our Log is focused on addressing matters such as understaffing, low morale and bullying at work, all of which have an impact on your mental and physical health and therefore your productivity.

We approached this negotiation in good faith and were accordingly disappointed that the Council’s response to the combined unions’ claims was to state that a reduction of least 30 staff would be needed.

This type of threat from an employer is often intended to create fear amongst a workforce to encourage employees to accept an inferior offer. We know this Council can do better.

A strong and informed union presence is the best way to make this happen.

Those staff who aren’t members are supporting a sub-standard pay proposal, so make sure you share this update with your workmates and encourage them to join our Union to support a better outcome. Remind them that joining is easy at

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