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Douglas Shire Council EBA Update – Almost There!

Local Authorities May 20, 2020

The Services Union, along with the outdoor unions, met with Douglas Shire Council management today in what was hopefully the last EBA meeting. Members had already given us the go-ahead to wrap this bargain up, and Unions reached in-principle agreement with Council today. We will tie up loose ends over the next fortnight and once we have gone through the final agreement draft with a fine-tooth comb, we will give Council approval to put the agreement to a full staff vote (providing the draft requires no further changes).

While this bargain has taken a long time, it has been an important one to get right as it will provide Douglas Shire Council with its first EBA following de-amalgamation and will reflect the needs of our members at Douglas Shire Council, not a legacy agreement from Cairns Regional Council.

Thank you to delegates Jenny Elphinstone and Lisa Golding for their efforts throughout this process. Jenny in particular has been extremely thorough in her approach and ensured that members have managed to get the best outcome possible.

Without union members’ collective dedication, it would have been impossible to get such great outcomes and navigate the new terrain of de-amalgamation. Keep encouraging your colleagues to join the union. If you’re not already a member, now is the time to join and contribute to maintaining your workplace conditions:


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