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Don’t Go It Alone at Scenic Rim Regional Council

Local Authorities April 9, 2019

Members of The Services Union at Scenic Rim Regional Council are reporting that there are changes afoot.

There is growing concern among our members that they are not being adequately consulted or given the opportunity to request union representation.

Please be reminded of your rights:

  • You can ask Management for proposals or other information in writing
  • You can ask to have a union representative present when discussing any workplace issue with management including:
    • Performance issues
    • Entitlements
    • Your contract
    • Changes to your job description
    • Changes to your classification
    • Requirement for or reduction of training or utilised skills
    • Giving preliminary evidence an investigation into you or another staff member
    • Raising or responding to and OHS issue
    • Taking a concern to management
    • Responding to issues surrounding sick leave
    • Responding to issues associated with other leave
    • Generating or responding to a grievance
  • Take time or suspend a meeting until you can speak to the union (contact your Workplace Delegate or the Union office immediately)
  • Send evidence of your concern to the union
  • Use your work phone or computer to do so
  • Request or confirm the Union’s involvement

You do not need to suffer alone when you are a union member. However, remember that our Union may not be aware of an issue if you do not tell us.

Contact your Workplace Delegate – details on the attached printable poster.

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