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Local Authorities May 9, 2020

The Services Union met yesterday with Lockyer Valley Regional Council for this week’s special COVID-19 Joint Consultative Committee (C19JCC).

In response to our queries, Council confirmed that there would be no more stand-downs this week other than those associated with the closure of The Staging Post Café.

Council also suggested that it would consider directing staff to take accumulated annual leave in accordance with the Certified Agreement and the Award as an alternative to stand-downs. Management will notify affected staff, and members will be able to access Union representation for discussions around the direction to take accumulated leave.

Our Union remains committed to working proactively with Council to mitigate against the effects of the pandemic. Watch this space for information from next week’s and future C19JCCs.

Members should direct queries or concerns to your Workplace Delegate Ben Fitzpatrick. If you’re not yet a member, don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Joining is easy at


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