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southern downs regional council

Congratulations Southern Downs Members

Local Authorities November 5, 2019

Congratulations once again to all members of The Services Union at Southern Downs Regional Council! Nearly a month has passed since the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) delivered its Determination on your new Certified Agreement (CA).

Your 2.5% back-pay (retrospective to 1 July 2019) should have been passed on by now, so check your payslips.

By staying strong through a very long negotiation, you and your fellow members also:

  • achieved a 7.5% pay increase over three years;
  • maintained your existing nine-day fortnight RDO provisions; and
  • locked in other key conditions for the next three years.

When we strive together, we can achieve great things, just as we have done at over 40 Councils! Full credit goes to your wonderful Workplace Delegates for leading the action on the ground. Not yet a part of our Union? Show your support for the vital and ongoing work of your Workplace Delegates by joining now at


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