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Classification Matters! Dispute at Brisbane City Council

Local Authorities July 22, 2021

You come to work and do your job, and you get paid according to the Band level derived from the Brisbane City Council (BCC) Salaried Staff Award 2016 (that’s your Award). Sounds sensible, doesn’t it? But what if your job requirements change over time and the Band level doesn’t fit anymore? The Award provides that your new or altered role can be assessed by the Classification and Reclassification Committee (CRC). In the Award, it states that this is a jointly constituted committee, which means that it is Council and the Union who make up the Committee. You can look this up in the Award at clause 12.5.

Unfortunately, Council has the view that the CRC is made up of them only. We don’t think this is the way it should be and have formally notified Council that this matter is in dispute. We will now enter formal discussions to seek a resolution. In our view, the Award is there for a reason – to provide the rules about how you are employed. We will keep you updated about how this dispute progresses.

The Union will always be by your side if you have any concerns on this or any other matter. If you think your classification level needs work let us know! Services Connect can be reached on 3844 5300. If you work with someone who is not yet a member, remind them of the support you can access because of your membership. Joining is easy at


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