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city of gold coast

City of Gold Coast EBA Talks Resume – With More to Follow

Local Authorities May 2, 2019

The Services Union’s bargaining team took a leading role in yesterday’s resumed EBA discussions with City of Gold Coast at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to reviewing what progress had been made with previous talks to establish the correct starting point for ongoing discussions. The QIRC has formally listed further discussions for 3 and 4 June, and all parties have declared a willingness to work through the outstanding matters with the Commission’s assistance.

As with any stage of negotiation, our priority at this point is achieve an appropriate pay increase without having to trade away existing entitlements. Members are constantly telling us that Council’s “reforms” would have drastic, unwanted and unreasonable impacts. If you work with a non-member who shares this view, remind them we can only advocate on behalf of our members. Joining’s easy at


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