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Cassowary Coast Pay increases

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Members – Want to Discuss Your Next Pay Rise?

Local Authorities February 1, 2019

A lunchtime meeting will be held on Thursday 14 February 2019 in Innisfail to enable members of The Services Union working at Cassowary Coast Regional Council to consider outstanding Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) issues including the amount of your pay rise.

Secretary of The Services Union Neil Henderson will be attending to answer all your questions with the time and venue to be advised soon.

The proceedings in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) on 31 January 2019 about the new EBA, resulted from an application by the Council.

The Conciliation proceedings over the next EBA did not go quite as planned for Council management who were under the misapprehension that their position would be looked on favourably in the QIRC.

It was very clear they were wrong in their presumption.

The QIRC made a number of observations which supported the submissions made by our Union!

The Conference has now been adjourned and will reconvene on 19 February 2019.

The ball is now in our court and we have a great opportunity to discuss what is required to finally deliver a fair EBA!

Neil will also be visiting other Council offices where you can have an opportunity to contribute your views.

Reserve your place and opportunity to participate and have a voice during this very important meeting by emailing to register your attendance.

If you have a colleague who is not a member of our Union, but would like to come to the meeting, please forward this information to them so they too can reserve their place by emailing to register their attendance.


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