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Cassowary Coast

Cassowary Coast Members Make It Happen

Local Authorities February 5, 2020

Members of The Services Union at Cassowary Coast can take pride in the fact that we’ve recently ratified your new Certified Agreement (CA) in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC), and it’s a great result.

Members have achieved improvements such as:

  • Initial pay increase of $1,700 to the base annual rate of pay for each employee effective 3 December 2018 (already paid);
    • 1% back pay to 3 December 2018;
    • 2.5% pay increase from 3 December 2019;
    • 2.5% pay increase from 3 December 2020;
    • 2.5% pay increase from 3 December 2021;
  • Strong obligations on Council to consult staff on workplace changes, ensuring Unions and employees are aware of changes before making a decision;
  • Strong obligation on Council to resolve any workplace dispute or grievance in a fair and timely manner.

Dispute Resolution and Consultation over Workplace Change are important conditions that empower our Members to exercise vital workplace rights. Our Union lobbied hard and successfully to ensure that the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (which underpins all local government bargaining) includes the requirement for a CA to include a meaningful consultation term. We were also successful in ensuring the legislative requirement for all Councils to take real steps towards closing the gender wage gap.

Congratulations to all Members of The Services Union on achieving another great local government CA outcome. If you’re not already a member, now is the time to join the team that made it happen:


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