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cairns regional council

Cairns Regional Council – Don’t Mislead!

Local Authorities May 2, 2019

The Services Union notes with disappointment that Cairns Regional Council’s CEO has used a hiccup in the certified agreement (CA) approval process to create an opportunity to stir up the workforce.

The issue is that Council has put the CA out to ballot without the formal agreement of all Unions involved. Our Union has given in principle agreement, following Council’s amendments to the draft as per our suggestions – for example putting back in the uncapping of sick leave provision which had ‘accidentally’ dropped out! We received the amended Agreement yesterday morning in an email that said it was being sent to all employees. Evidently Council had not received agreement from the other Unions, as required by law.

Your CEO is misleading when he says he doesn’t know what the concerns are – we identified them and got them fixed. The bottom line is that Council put the CA out to vote without the formal approval of all Unions and this is contrary to the Industrial Relations Act 2016. If Council had sought the formal approval from the Unions, as required by law, the timeframe could still have been met. Council needs to follow the process!

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