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Brisbane City Council – Show Us The Money!

Local Authorities June 8, 2021

As someone famously said, “Show us the money!!”

As we move closer to the arbitration in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) of the outstanding issues in the Brisbane City Council EBA (that we prefer to call EBA10) it is a good time to review where the matter is at.

Last year The Services Union informed the Council that we were in agreement with what had been negotiated. This was done after extensive consultation with members and many opportunities for members to have input. At the time the outcome looked like a good deal for members and now many months later it still looks like a good deal.

Our concern at this point is to ensure that you get the benefit of what has been agreed. That is, that you receive your pay rise on 8 October this year and that those who are entitled get access to the improved parental leave arrangements yesterday!

Our recent experience with an arbitration in front of a Full Bench of the QIRC tells us that, at this point in time, having the matter heard and determined before 8 October will be a stretch. That is why we have applied to the QIRC for an order to ensure that the pay increase will be paid when it is due and also to give access to the improved parental leave.

In reply to The Services Union application, the Brisbane City Council told the QIRC that in their view there were jurisdictional impediments to our application, but the QIRC informed the Council that any jurisdictional problem would be resolved if the Council consented to the application.

So, The Services Union calls on the Council again to consent to our application to guarantee that your pay rise will be on time and to give our members access to the improved parental leave in line with our agreement.

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