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Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council Senior Contracted Officers – We Want To Hear From You!

Local Authorities March 20, 2019

Members of The Services Union at Brisbane City Council employed on contract arrangements outside EBA9 (Specialist and Senior Professionals (SSP), Professional Services Employment (PSE), Senior Executive Stream (SES) and Senior Officer Stream (SOS)) have recently raised concerns about several issues.

Our Union is working very closely with the other Unions and stakeholders involved to resolve these issues, and this process is far from over.

If you are employed on an SSP, PSE, SES or SOS contract, we want to hear from you, particularly if you have any concerns about your contract arrangements. Please contact

Remember that The Services Union is the union for all salaried staff at BCC, whether you’re covered by EBA9 or on a written contract such as SSP, PSE, SES or SOS. If you’re not yet a member, join today to get access to the support and specialist advice we’re able to provide. It’s quick and easy at


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