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Brisbane City Council – Lord Mayor Not Quite On Same Page

Local Authorities September 16, 2020

At the last meeting of the Brisbane City Council, this is what the Lord Mayor had to say about your wages.

“As I said earlier, managing a $3.1 billion budget requires some tough decisions to be made. I would love to be able to give everyone a pay rise but, having said that, the Councillors in this organisation and the managers are signed up to exactly the same arrangement as all staff, which is none of us—none of us from the top down will get any kind of pay rise for the next two years. That is the responsible thing to do, because it’s one rule for everyone, and that is the appropriate thing.”

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

Many of you have no doubt forgotten that you signed up for a two-year wage freeze.

While you are trying to remember when you did that, you can also ponder how hard it is to forgo a 2.5% wage increase when your annual salary is $300,000 – $600,000 a year.

Time to have a talk with The Services Union. As your ally in the workplace, we’re here to listen and act on what our members say.

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