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Brisbane City Council – Is It Fair?

Local Authorities September 15, 2020

We know that fairness is an important issue to members of The Services Union at Brisbane City Council. That’s why we raised concerns at today’s EBA10 discussions about some employees missing out on the additional two days off at Christmas announced by the CEO and Lord Mayor.

While our Union welcomed the gesture when it was announced, we have since learned that there may be employees who will miss out on what was described as a “thankyou”. It just doesn’t seem fair.

We also revisited discussions on the wage increase. Hardly anyone seems to think that a two-year pay freeze is fair either.

The Services Union along with all other Unions present today asked the Council whether there was any scope to discuss different approaches to the delivery of wage increases. An example was the “wage deferral” model adopted by the Queensland Government, where the first year of pay increase is paid in the second year so that all up over the life of the agreement the total wage increase is paid.

The Council negotiators reiterated that they wanted the Unions to put a uniform position on the wage increase sought, but also advised that they were meeting with the Lord Mayor tomorrow.

Now is the time to tell us what you are thinking about the new Agreement so that we are ready to get into the core business of these negotiations next week.

If you have not already done so, please register for one of our Zoom meetings to discuss the progress of negotiations for your new Agreement with Brisbane City Council. Encourage any of your colleagues to do likewise.

Meeting times are:

Wednesday 16 September at 1.30PM and 5.00PM

Thursday 17 September at 12.30PM

We are also convening an additional meeting at the new time of Monday 21 September at 6.30PM. This meeting is timed so that those unable to dial in during working hours can do so from home.

Ensure you register and have your say on an EBA10 that recognises your efforts over the life of EBA9. We look forward to hearing from you, and if you’re not already a member, now’s the time to do something about a fair deal. Join today!


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