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Brisbane City Council – Closing In On The Endgame

Local Authorities October 7, 2020

Following yesterday’s extended discussions with Brisbane City Council, The Services Union has moved EBA10 negotiations closer to some serious talk about wage increases.  However, there are still a few outstanding issues that other Unions wish to pursue and which the Council needs to resolve before the main discussions can occur.

As you know, it is necessary for all parties to agree for there to be an agreement, so we have done all we can until the other parties’ matters are settled.

The Council also spent some time yesterday outlining what it claims are the reasons for the position it has adopted thus far on wages. We all remember that the Lord Mayor’s wage freeze was his post-election response to the pandemic, but the pandemic now seems to be well down the list of reasons the Council claims for not having the money for a decent pay increase. The Council also specifically rejected any notion that the 2.5% increase in rate revenue justified an increase in wages of 2.5%.

We will report back to delegates today on the discussions so far, in preparation for next Tuesday’s negotiations. Share this update and remind your colleagues that we’re here by your side as long as it takes to get a decent EBA10. Joining is quick and easy at


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