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Brisbane City Council Bargaining Bulletin – Let’s Start Strong!

Local Authorities May 20, 2020

Brisbane City Council has written to The Services Union saying it wants to start negotiations for EBA10.

Council states in the correspondence that it wants a pay freeze for the life of the new agreement. The Queensland Government has not yet announced its final wages position and has only talked about a pay pause for this year, while the Federal Government has talked of a pay freeze of six months. We know from their expenditure announcements the impact that the pandemic has had on those tiers of government, but we have had no similar declarations from Council. With this in mind, surely Council’s proposal to freeze pay for the life of EBA10 is a little extreme.

Our Union will commence consultation with members shortly and your input is valued in terms of shaping our approach to negotiations.

What we do know from our own bargaining experience and from ABS data is that employees get the best results at the bargaining table where they have strong, active union.

If you’re not on board and don’t have a voice, things could get grim.

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