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Brisbane City Council – CEO Cuts Consultative Committee Adrift

Local Authorities July 29, 2020

Brisbane City Council Chief Executive Officer Colin Jensen not only doesn’t want to pay you a well-deserved pay increase, but now he has signalled that he no longer wants to attend meetings of the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). The JCC is established under the terms of the EBA9 to monitor the implementation of the Agreement and to improve the long term viability, growth and performance of the Council. It is also tasked with improving job security and the work life of employees.

The Council is also seeking to include a provision in EBA10 which records that the Agreement is “…to assist the Council to achieve its vision and to reward its employees in consideration of the corona virus pandemic and need for financial recovery…”  In light of this, two things are apparent.

Firstly, the CEO’s announced intention to no longer participate in the JCC is surprising. Secondly, given the above endorsement of the efforts of you and your colleagues, the Council’s trenchant refusal to table a pay offer is all the more disappointing. However, this approach from a very large employer that expects you to wait for a lift in your own time should probably not be surprising. (NB our Union has raised this issue with management).

The rest of yesterday’s discussions were taken up with the presentation of other Unions claims and how the current agreement operates. EBA10 is destined to be a long process, and we can’t predict an end date. What we do know is that a strong union generally equates to a better outcome. Regardless of how long it takes, members know we are by your side until we achieve an EBA10 that recognises what you continue to deliver – and beyond. Discuss this update with your colleagues and invite a non-member to join.


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