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Banana Shire Council – bargaining update meetings next week

Local Authorities September 2, 2021

It pays to be Union! Negotiations progressed this week for the future of wages and conditions at Banana Shire Council, and your input was key to address one important issue – backpay.

We had already made some great progress, but it is clear that your involvement helped us to change Council’s position regarding backpay of wage increases. As you know, the Council was refusing to commit to backpay and we asked for your views on this issue.

Yesterday we conveyed your views and sought agreement on a package which would ensure wage increases and backpay. Council agreed to change their stance as part of an offer which includes the following:

  • $72 per fortnight wage increase each year for 3 years
  • Wage increases backdated to 1 July 2021
  • Payout of a proportion of sick leave on termination or death, starting 3 years from now
  • Improved commitment to utilise employees before engaging contractors
  • Special leave for natural disasters and pandemic (on a case by case basis)
  • 2.5% increase in allowances
  • 1 single agreement for all employees

We now need your input on this proposal. If Union members support this outcome, then it could go to the vote very soon. If you or colleagues have concerns, then we also need to hear your views.

Union Meetings – next week

We will be holding a vote of Union members whether to accept this offer and let it go out to ballot. If anyone wants to have their say they need to be a Union member before these meetings – people can join online today at

The meetings will be held as follows:

Monday 6 September

  • 6am – Biloela Depot
  • 9am – Biloela Office (Valentine Plains Rd)
  • 1pm – Theodore/Moura staff to meet at Theodore Depot

Tuesday 7 September

  • 5:30am – Taroom Depot
  • 10am – Biloela Office

It is important to get to these meetings in person – Council has approved your participation so talk to your supervisor/manager to ensure you can attend.

Know someone who isn’t already a Union member? They need to get involved this time. Encourage them to join today.


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