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Why are they trying to silence us?

General November 22, 2019

All Australian workers benefit from the work of unions. If unions are shut down or silenced, who will stand up to the powerful, make sure workers get their rights and fight to improve workers’ rights?

Scott Morrison is currently trying to ram through laws that are extreme, unnecessary and will make it harder for workers to win pay rises and protect their jobs.

Can you help us stop them?

These laws would not apply to banks, not apply to business and not apply to politicians, despite their serious unethical conduct.

The government should focus attention on cleaning up the banks and leave working people alone.

These laws are fundamentally unfair. And we have to stop them.

The people who can stop this Bill are a handful of Senators. We only have a few days left to convince these Senators to vote against these laws.

Can you take 2 minutes to tell these Senators to stand up for working people?

Remember, these laws do not apply to banks or business. These laws single out unions and make it harder for workers to stand up to employers who do the wrong thing.

This is about silencing working people and making it harder for everyday workers to win pay rises.

That’s what these Senators need to hear. Can you contact them?

In unity,

Neil Henderson

Branch Secretary


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