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TSU COVID-19 UPDATE – Let’s Stay Connected and DV & Work FACT SHEET

General March 25, 2020

We are all living in unprecedented times, which is why we want to do whatever we can to ensure you have the latest news from The Services Union.

It’s important our Union’s Office has your most up-to-date information.

If you think you need to update your details You can update your details directly on our website or contact our office on 3844 5300 to arrange this.

Your default website login details are:

Username: Your member number

Password:  Your “Surname” eg. Smith

If the above details don’t work, you can reset your password by using the forgot password link next to the login section.

If you have any issues – please contact Services Connect on 3844 5300.

FACT SHEET – When Domestic Violence Comes to Work (when work is at home).

Working from home (and other pressures associated with the current COVID -19 situation) can change the safety and support needs of people experiencing DFV. With the security, socialisation and routine offered by attending work disrupted DFV abusers will have increased opportunities for coercive or violent behaviours.

DFV awareness informs us about some of the tactics used by abusers such as coercion, surveillance and isolation could include denial of access to outside services (such as health care, increasing dependence on the abuser) or in work from home scenarios sabotaging work or creating disruptions that reduce productivity or concentration.

To find out more and to download the FACT SHEET, please click here.


Now is an important time to activate your Member Benefits:

  1. Union Health: Join Union Health this March and receive one month free membership. For your free quote go to
  2. Member Advantage: Save 5% off the cost of your groceries, fuel and alcohol by using your Member Advantage account. If you haven’t already activated your account now is the time to do so! Please click to request a new password.
  3. Free Will: Reply to this email or contact us on 3844 5300 and request your FREE WILL today. This is normally $199.
  4. Tax deductible: Remember that your union membership is 100% tax deductible. We will send your tax statement in the first week of July.

Member Support

We will be by your side during this crisis. Members needing industrial support resulting from a loss of hours, income or employment should immediately contact our office on 3844 5300 for an in-depth consultation with a qualified Industrial Officer. We will also review your membership options and what benefits are available to you.

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