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NDIS Underspend – Community Forum – Day of Action

The Federal Election is scheduled for Saturday May 18, 2019 and together we need to make sure the NDIS is top of our pollies minds as they hit the campaign trail.

We know the Federal Government has used 1.6billion in unspent NDIS money to boost the budget surplus – rather than this NIDS money being spent on those who so desperately need it.

So, while people with disability wait for years for vital equipment and the work performed to support people with disability continues to be undervalued, the government is bolstering its own bottom line.

Money tagged for the NDIS needs to be spent on the NDIS – not just quietly disappear. This means ensuring that the rates paid in the sector appropriately value the work and employees have access to the training they need to continue to provide quality services.

We need to work together to put NDIS at the centre of the political and public agenda and make sure we make the NDIS The Best It Can Be.

On Friday May 3, the Every Australian Counts Campaign are holding a National Day of Action and in Brisbane and you can participate by attending their Make it Work forum:

Fri., 3 May 2019, 10:30 am

The Brisbane Room

Brisbane City Hall

64 Adelaide St

Brisbane City, QLD 4000


We urge you and other Service Union Members to attend to tell our pollies that it’s time to make the NDIS work for everyone who needs it. To let Every Australian Counts Campaign know your coming please RSVP here

This will be an opportunity to make sure your pollies know this election you’ll be voting to make it work and the louder we are, the more our pollies will have to listen.


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