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Natural Disaster Fund – Helping Tristan In His Time Of Need

GeneralEnergy March 15, 2019

Energy Industry Member, Tristan Lord is thankful for the help our Union was able to provide him after his house was flooded recently in Townsville. Through our Natural Disaster Fund, we were able to send Tristan up a voucher to help him get back on his feet.

Tristan tells his story about the Townsville flood.

“On  Sunday 3 February was when the flood hit my home.  The water came up so fast, it only took two hours from the water overflowing the street gutter to the water lapping at the door of my home.

The mud and mess the flood left behind was of a magnitude that I have never seen before and I trekked the Kokoda trail last year!  My house is low set and was flooded through all the living areas with around half a metre of water. I lost furniture, appliances and clothing. My house sustained damage to the kitchen and walls, plus more!

Cleaning up the aftermath has been a mammoth effort but I have been very lucky receiving help from friends and receiving financial assistance from the ASU has also been very appreciated!  It has helped to replace day to day items that were lost in the flood.”



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