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Glam committee – Pride In My Union!

General June 13, 2019

GLAM stands for Gay and Lesbian ASU members and its new committee would love for you to get involved.

Early members of the Australian Services Union (ASU) fought for many for conditions we now take as granted, such as; decriminalisation, discrimination law, reflective parenting leave clauses, recognition of transgender health entitlements and better working relationships.

It might be easy to assume that after the recent marriage equality vote that equality has been voted on and won. However, there are still many issues around discrimination and mental health (especially in regional Queensland) that need to be fought if we are to create holistic real change for the LGBTIQA+ community.

The Committee will be holding another teleconference in the near future for all interested members with a particular focus on regional issues.

GLAM Coordinator Lachlan Enshaw encourages all interested members to participate and help us with our action plan.

“At this stage we are working on developing an online presence which will help connect members to our Union office and reach the broader membership about LGBTIQA+ issues,” Lachlan explained.

“We hope to see any and all who identify joining us,” Lachlan said.”Whether you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, intersex, pansexual, asexual, queer, proud parent, an ally or otherwise, you are cordially invited to help us build GLAM into an inclusive and productive committee to address LGBTIQA+ issues in the workplace and in our communities. Please make contact and get involved!”

You can do this by updating your membership to reflect that you would be happy to receive GLAM updates or email Lachlan at

Remember, equality is Union business!

If you have an issue in your workplace, call our Union office on 07 3844 5300 or talk to your local Organiser or Workplace Delegate.

We will publicise the meeting date on our website and on our Facebook page:


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