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ASU Career Launchpad Courses Coming Up in June

General May 22, 2020

Already this year we’ve seen a lot of changes in the way our workplaces are operating and the added stress that has come with it.

Our line-up of ASU Career Launchpad webinars for June are all designed to help you manage these changes as well as provide you with the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges.

To register for these courses go to While you are there, don’t forget to also check out the catalogue of our previous courses now available to view on demand.

Have you ever had a customer, colleague or boss complain about you at work?  If so how do you deal with these complaints in a professional productive manner?

It’s really hard to know how to react! But don’t worry; your union is here to help!

Coming up for the first time is How to deal with issues and complaints at work a webinar exclusive for ASU members.  Register today and choose from one of the below sessions.

Boost your Skills: How to deal with issues and complaints at work

Monday 25 May – Night Session

Plus a repeat session during the day: Friday 5 June – Day Session

This webinar will cover:

  • Dealing with internal and external complaints at work
  • What causes complaints
  • How best to manage complaints – self and others
  • Practical takeaway, tips and strategies

Our expert presenter Monique is a highly experienced, dedicated and passionate Customer Services facilitator, consultant and speaker who runs her own customer-centric training consultancy, delivering learning initiatives at all levels to a diverse portfolio of clients and organisations.

Monique’s sessions are always very popular so make sure you register today so you don’t miss out!

Workplace culture is a challenging concept, we know a positive workplace culture can have a huge benefit for both the employees and the organisation, but creating a positive workplace culture and improving morale can be very difficult.

Lucky you don’t have to do it alone! Your ASU Career Launchpad is here to help.

Launch into Leadership – Improving Workplace Culture and Morale

Tuesday 2 June – Day Session

Expert presenter Angela Olanda will guide participants through an examination of workplace culture, from the impact a poor or positive culture can have on an organisation through to assessing and identifying what needs to change.  The session will then focus on exploring strategies and solutions.

We know that stress is real, that right now stress and mental health is under the spotlight as we are all grappling with unfamiliar situations and environments.

To deal with stress, we need to understand it. Don’t worry your union is here to help!

Understanding Stress to Avoid Burnout (Work Shouldn’t Hurt)

Wednesday 17 June – Night Session

Expert presenter Sherelle Connaughton will examine what stress is, how to identify your stress triggers as well as provide you with self-management techniques for you to apply in your own lives.

This course was one of our most popular 2019 sessions – make sure you register now to get the tips you need to get you through the difficult times in life.

Remember, it’s ok to need support. If you need to talk to someone, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Are you finding that your work life is seeping further and further into your home life? Are you juggling with kids at home more often? Or are you working later and later into the night since you’ve been working from home?

You aren’t alone!  So many of us right now are struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance, it’s not easy!

It’s time to reach out and your ASU Career Launchpad has just the thing to help!

Coming up for the first time in June is The Work-Life Balancing Act, a new webinar from the ASU Career Launchpad.  Expert presenter Sherelle Connaughton will guide you through how to manage the balance for yourself and others as well as provide some takeaway tips, strategies and go to resources.

The Work-Life Balancing Act

Tuesday 23 June (One Night only)

These webinars are part of the ASU Career Launchpad professional development program, designed to help support you throughout your working life.

Head to your member portal to find out more and register for these and other courses.

If you haven’t activated your ASU Career Launchpad account yet – go to and enter your email address.

If you have any questions or issues accessing your member portal, please contact us


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