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ASU Career Launchpad Courses Coming Up in August

General July 31, 2020

Are you facing conflict in the workplace that you are unsure how to resolve? Do you need some tips on how to get motivated – either yourself or your team? Maybe you want to learn some innovative problem solving techniques? Or perhaps you just want to upgrade your Excel skills?

Whatever the situation, our team of experts presenting our August ASU Career Launchpad courses are here to help!

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We also have a full range of videos available on demand – so be sure to check them out!

Ignite Your IT Skills: Become an Excel Expert – Macros

Do you use Microsoft Excel and are ready to learn some more advanced skills? Want to learn how to use the best time-saving tool Excel has to offer?

Then we have the webinar for you!

Coming up for the very first time in August on the ASU Career Launchpad is Become an Excel Expert – Macros

This session our expert presenter Ben Pisani will introduce you to the importance of Macros in Excel, how macros can be used to make work flow easier, and an introduction to macro coding.

Ignite your IT Skills: Become and Excel Expert – Macros

Monday 10 August – Night Session

If you are already across tables and functions, and want to know how to automate tasks in Excel  – then make sure you come along to this webinar to learn how you can unleash the power of Macros in Excel. And you can learn all of this from the comfort of your own home.

Boost Your Skills: Conflict Management and Resolution in the Workplace

Do you struggle to deal with conflict?  Does the idea of raising a difficult subject have you squirming?  Do you actively avoid dealing with situations because of the potential for conflict? You’re not alone.

Back by popular demand in August is our final run of our training course on Conflict Management and Resolution in the workplace.

Boost your Skills: Conflict management and resolution in the workplace

Tuesday 11 August – Day Session

Expert presenter Jenny Carmuciano will guide you through this session beginning with the identification of conflict, including the causes, examining constructive/positive conflict, identifying different conflict management styles and following up with some practical takeaway tips and strategies to further assist you to deal with conflict in the workplace.

Launch Into Leadership: Motivating Your Team and Yourself

Are you struggling to motivate yourself or your team?  Can’t work out how to move forward while things are so uncertain? Motivating yourself can be tough, let alone a team.

But don’t worry, your union is here to help!

Coming up for one night only on the ASU Career Launchpad is a new leadership webinar Motivating your Team and Yourself.

Expert presenter Jenny Carmuciano will guide you through what motivates different individuals, exploring motivation and de-motivation, as well as providing some practical takeaway tips and strategies to help motivate your team.

Motivating your Team and Yourself

Tuesday 25 August – Night Session

Boost Your Skills: How to Creative Problem Solve

Have you been struggling to find a solution to a difficult question?  Has your boss asked you to think creatively or out of the box? Or are you just looking to learn a new career tool?

Then look no further, we have the webinar for you!

Boost your Skills: How to Creative Problem Solve

Thursday 27 August – Day Session

Welcome to the world of Creative Problem Solving!  Your expert presenter Marguerita Perilli will guide you through this webinar introducing you to Creative Problem Solving, identifying when it is useful, looking at Creative Problem Solving steps and framework and some practical steps for implementation.

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These webinars are part of the ASU Career Launchpad professional development program, designed to help support you throughout your working life.

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