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Union flexes on flexible work at EQL

Energy November 13, 2020

We are with our members every step of the way at Energy Queensland Limited (EQL).

Yesterday, we escalated a dispute on behalf of more than 20 members in relation to the responses to their requests for Flexible Working Arrangements at your workplace.

Many of our members used a specific template crafted by The Services Union to make their requests under both section 65 of the Fair Work Act 2009 and under clause 11.1 of the Enterprise Agreement. Many of our members have met the criteria under the Act and have particular circumstances which necessitate a request for flexible working. Many of our members have requested to work days from home as part of their pattern of work.

In reply, many of our members have not received timely or adequate responses.

We have requested EQL set aside a day and go through these requests one by one until we sort them all out!

In the interim, we have invoked status quo so that our members can continue with their current arrangements.

If you have a colleague who is not a member and has had trouble with management’s response to this issue, send them the following link and ask them to join:

If you have concerns about the response to your request for flexible working arrangements, please contact your local Workplace Delegate or contact Services Connect on 3844 5300.


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