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Proposed Job Cuts at Energy Queensland – The Services Union is By Your Side

Energy March 31, 2021

Continuous Restructures!

Cuts Cuts Cuts is the mantra coming from the upper echelons of Energy Queensland Limited (EQL) with more job cuts announced!

We know this is a worrying time for you and all our members at EQL but rest assured, The Services Union is by your side!

Earlier this month we received a commitment from EQL about their willingness to work with our Union to identify savings.  However, 43 jobs are still proposed to be cut!  There have also been no discussions between EQL and our Union so far regarding identifying savings.

On Monday, 29 March 2021, EQL provided a massive 309 PowerPoint slide presentation outlining their proposal for changes in Services, Digital and Operations.

If the volume of slides is anything to go by, this is by no means a minor change and we have significant concerns about EQL’s future plans.

With restructures recently being finalised in Yurika, Finance and Customer and Engineering, we are concerned there is no finish line for these ongoing restructures. This means members remain in a permanent state of flux!

We understand that change is inevitable but it’s time EQL slowed down and made sure the changes that are being made are the right changes.

Our Senior Workplace Delegates continue to work tirelessly on the restructures and are with you every step of the way navigating this round of change.  They continue to participate in the IRCG and are convening report back meetings to get member feedback.

If you are affected, when it comes time to submit your feedback please ensure you keep your Senior Delegates in the loop. This will ensure EQL follows the correct process and that your feedback is considered before a decision is made.

Monthly Delegates Catch Up

On Thursday, 25 March 2021, our Workplace Delegates held their monthly catch up where they discussed issues from across Queensland.

The restructures were discussed and the Senior Delegates provided a report back in relation to EQL’s consultation process at the IRCG level and the company’s approach to managing the Employee Transition Program.  More information will be provided to members about these issues in the near future.

The upcoming engagement survey was discussed. Our Workplace Delegates believe that as many members should do the survey as possible and provide honest feedback. For example: How do you think the Company is going? Let Rod Duke know exactly what you think!

Our Workplace Delegates are actively involved in many of these processes and the catch up is a great way for them to stay in the loop, ventilate issues and workshop.

Your Workplace Delegates are fighting hard for members every step of the way.

Who are your Senior Workplace Delegates?

Our Senior Workplace Delegates are on our Industry Division Committee which meets Quarterly. They are:

  • Ronnee Meachen – Townsville
  • Lucas Garretty – Rockhampton
  • Ken Feltham – Townsville
  • Jeff Smith – Townsville
  • Rob McDowall – Brisbane
  • Greg Roberts – Rockhampton
  • Paul Hume – Townsville
  • Des Jackson – Cairns
  • Rebecca Agius – Rockhampton
  • Jodie Lynch – Cairns
  • Jorge Salles – Brisbane
  • Mickey Farrell – Brisbane
  • Byron Eldridge – Rockhampton
  • Tim Gleaves – Brisbane


Conference – Statewide Road Show

From 15 to 19 March 2021, our Union held its Branch Conference which took in Townsville, Rockhampton and Brisbane.

The 30th Way Campaign – Mental Health and Wellbeing In The Workplace was the focus. It was very topical and the guest speakers on the panels were very thought-provoking.

From the Energy Division, we had three members awarded life memberships. Congratulations to Wal Bruin, Reg Dixon and Charlie Gianoulis! A fantastic week was had by all involved!


New Members

We have recently had significant interest in membership at EQL! Now is the time for your colleagues to get on board.

If you have a colleague who is not a union member, send them the following link and ask them to Join:


If you are affected by any of the restructures and have questions or concerns, please contact one of your Senior Workplace Delegates or contact Services Connect on 07 3844 5300.


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