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Energy Queensland Members – Time is running out – Have your say about EQL

Energy April 21, 2021

We know that you are highly engaged about issues that affect you and your employment with Energy Queensland Limited (EQL).

By now, you should have received a link to the EQL Engagement Survey.

This is your chance to let EQL know exactly how you feel the business has been going of late!

The survey will be open until Friday, 30 April 2021.

If you haven’t received the survey email, please check your junk mail; one of our Workplace Delegates reported the survey email went straight to their junk mail.

The Services Union is encouraging everyone to complete the survey to ensure EQL take immediate action necessary to address any staff concerns provided.

In the last six months, we have had more feedback about EQL than we have had for years. The key issues you have told us you are concerned about are:

  • Flexible work and working from home
  • Mental health
  • Constant restructuring
  • Job security
  • Austerity measures
  • A lack of leadership
  • Diminishing engagement with the business

To achieve change, all members must voice their concerns! Now is not the time to hold back.

We know EQL likes to hang their hat on the results and completion rates which is why it’s so important they get the message about staff dissatisfaction.

We are asking our members, such as you, to speak to others in their work area also. Ask your work mates to complete two easy tasks:

  1. Complete the engagement survey
  2. If they are not a member, ask them to join our Union.

Send them the following link:

If you have questions or concerns, please speak to one of your Workplace Delegates or call Services Connect on 07 3844 5300.

We are always by your side every step of the way!


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