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Energy QLD – DEBBs Dispute Lifted – A Win for the End Users!

Energy September 7, 2021

On Wednesday 25 August, The Services Union advised our members at Energy QLD (EQL) that our Union, along with the other SBU Unions, had put the DEBBs project into dispute. Since then, we have had outstanding levels of feedback and engagement from you, our members! Please keep that feedback coming.

Last week, we were able to lift the dispute with the following conditions being agreed to:

  • Each union is able to have a Workplace Delegate booked off to facilitate the consultation and engagement in relation to each stream of the DEBBs project;
  • That the Unions and EQL agree on key benchmarks before these projects go live;
  • That our members and Workplace Delegates be allowed appropriate time to participate in testing and consultation in relation to the various streams of the project.

EQL has agreed to the above requests and an agreed action is that there will be report backs at both the monthly IRCG meeting and on the off fortnight at the Monthly DEBBs consultative committee whereby EQL has assured us that there will be a consistent feedback loop and greater transparency. EQL has assured the Unions that existing backlogs in User Acceptance Testing (‘UAT’), training, and hypercare will be addressed.

TSU Nominated Workplace Delegate – Jorge Salles

Jorge Salles is the Union nomination to be more heavily involved in the various DEBBs projects.

Jorge’s role will be to ensure that Services Union members who are end-users are having their voices heard throughout the process and that this is considered before the ‘go live’ dates for the various stream.

A bit more about Jorge….

Jorge is a Project Manager in Digital based at Newstead and over the last couple of years has done work in DEBBs including on the UDMS and UGIS projects, so he comes with a good level of understanding of the DEBBs space.

Jorge has been working at Energy Queensland for over 7 years (previously arriving at the business as a contractor) in both the Business Intelligence area and Project Delivery.

Jorge has been active in the Union movement for close to 30 years, firstly as a Senior Delegate (and Bargaining representative) for the Commonwealth Public Service Union before coming to EQL where he is a Senior Delegate for The Services Union. Jorge was involved in the negotiations for the last Energy Queensland Union Collective Agreement and sits on the Energy Industry Division Committee for The Services Union.

Jorge is focused on achieving the best outcomes for members and will be focusing on consulting with end-users of the DEBBs project over the coming months.


If you have feedback or concerns about the DEBBs project, and you wish to get in contact with Jorge please email him at

If you are requiring advice and assistance in relation to another matter, please contact Services Connect on 07 3844 5300.

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