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Urgent all airlines workers mass meeting – Thursday 9 July @ 7pm AEST

Our aviation sector is still in crisis. We are working hard every single day pressuring the Federal Government to step up and deliver an aviation support package now. But we still have a long way to go. Make sure you…

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Congratulations to QLD Rail Members

Congratulations to members of The Services Union at QLD Rail on achieving the in-principle agreement for the final EBA negotiation outcomes. QLD Rail employees deliver an essential service to our communities and it has been great to see your achievements…

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QR Covid-19 Union Consultative Forum With Referenced Documents

Please find attached the following three documents referenced in today’s COVID-19 Union Consultative Forum: QR Covid-19 Return To Office Framework – Leaders’ Discussion Pack – For Consultation  QR Covid-19 Proposed Phased Return To Office – Leaders’ Guide, Frequently Asked Questions…

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A huge congratulations to our Vice President for Ports Debbie McDonald who has recently clocked up her 40th anniversary, working at North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation. Debbie started at the Port as the Ledger Machine Operator at the Mackay Harbour…

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TANA UPDATE – Workplace Delegates Take The Lead During COVID-19 & EBA Negotiations

RAIL As many restrictions are being lifted we will see a return of students to school and employees to their workplaces. This has put extra pressure on our Station Operations members who are working to deal with increased patronage, cleaning…

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ASU win! Jetstar to pay JobKeeper on normal pay dates

The Qantas Group have provided the ASU with information about upcoming JobKeeper pay dates. A table is provided below confirming all the dates that Jetstar is to make a JobKeeper payment to ALL eligible employees for the duration of the…

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Qld Rail – Station Operations Update Meeting

As you know from our previous Email, we have been having weekly meetings with Senior Management to address the below issues: Vacancies within the Station Customer Service EOI process in filling these vacancies BL1 Training and the next training course…

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Qantas Member Update – JobKeeper and Penalty Rates

On Friday last week (17 April 2020), many Qantas employees who had been stood down were expecting their first $1,500 JobKeeper payment. Qantas had announced that, in order to assist staff, it would bring forward these payments even though they…

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As all of our QLD Rail members are aware, we negotiated some significant improvements to each of the 6 QLD Rail Agreements that apply to our members. We understood that we had finished negotiations on all 6 agreements (Station Operations,…

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Queensland Rail Members – Covid-19 – With Members every step of the way

The Services Union (our Union) continues to stand by our members at Queensland Rail (QR) throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. This situation keeps changing rapidly; however, we and your Union Delegates have been involved from the outset. Queensland Rail Response to…

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