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Consultation on a PLSL for SACS continues – Show your support!

Social & Communities June 20, 2019

Portable long service leave for the Social and Community Services industry is getting closer with the Stakeholder Taskforce (the Taskforce) established by the Minister for Industrial Relations, Grace Grace MP continuing to meet fortnightly. Along with the Services Union members…

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SACS UPDATE – Portable long service leave Taskforce established

Social & Communities June 20, 2019

A Stakeholder Taskforce has now been established by the Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace MP to consider Portable Long Service Leave (PLSL) for Social and Community sector (SACS) workers. Joining The Services Union on the Taskforce will be the…

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ASU putting the heart back in MISSION AUSTRALIA

Social & Communities May 30, 2019

When’s bargaining going to start? Mission Australia management has written to us asking to delay bargaining for a new enterprise agreement for some time. We’ve asked them why, and they say they need time to implement a new HR system….

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SCHADS Award Review - Witnesses for Award Travel Claim needed

SCHADS Award Review – Witnesses for Award Travel Claim needed!

Social & Communities May 28, 2019

Our National Union is preparing to pursue our Award Claim to establish Travel Time for Disability employees, as the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (the SCHADS Award) review progresses. Many Award reliant Disability employees are not…

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Get Your PLSL Submission In By Monday 8 October 2018

Consultation on a Portable Long Service Leave for SACS continues – Show your support!

The Services Union, continues Portable Long Service Leave Scheme campaign for the Social and Community Services Industry is gathering momentum with the establishment of a Stakeholder Taskforce (the Taskforce) by the Minister for Industrial Relations, Grace Grace MP. Secretary Neil…

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Yourtown Negotiations Finalised! Time to Vote

Social & Communities May 7, 2019

WHAT ARE YOU VOTING ON? Now that negotiations have been finalised it is important to recap the proposed amendments in a renewed Agreement for Yourtown.  These include: Three-year Agreement with a clause outlining mutual obligations regarding renewal Scope to continue…

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NDIS Underspend – Community Forum – Day of Action

The Federal Election is scheduled for Saturday May 18, 2019 and together we need to make sure the NDIS is top of our pollies minds as they hit the campaign trail. We know the Federal Government has used 1.6billion in…

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Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba SACS members are invited to attend NDIS Code of Conduct Training

Social & Communities April 18, 2019

If you work in the NDIS sector you need to know what the NDIS Code of Conduct means for you and NDIS participants. Over the next few months The Services Union will be holding one hour training sessions across Queensland…

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Labor Backs ASU Plan for NDIS Training

Social & Communities April 15, 2019

Bill Shorten has announced that he backs the ASU plan for better training for NDIS workers. Our plan involves: Free induction courses, free certificate III and FREE ongoing professional development for all NDIS workers, No course costs, AND being paid…

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Introduction of change Newsletter - Salvation Army

Ozcare – When change occurs in my workplace..what do I need to know?

Social & Communities April 11, 2019

From time to time your employer may identify the need to explore changes that need to be made within your workplace and then take the necessary steps to implement these changes. Your terms of employment are regulated by the Ozcare…

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