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There is Power in a Union! Centacare Central Consultative Forum Report Back

Social & Communities March 4, 2021

The Services Union and Centacare met on Thursday, 18 February 2021 for our quarterly Central Consultative Forum (CCF). The purpose of the CCF is to provide a consultation forum where Union members and Centacare can discuss collective workplace matters as…

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Members Celebrate Portable Long Service Leave WIN!

Social & Communities February 5, 2021

This week, members from The Services Union  working in the Social and Community Services (SACS) Industry came together to celebrate winning Portable Long Service Leave (PLSL) with the scheme commencing on 1 January 2021. The establishment of the PLSL Scheme…

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Union Win – Union Secures Regular Hours for Centacare Part-Time Workers

Social & Communities February 2, 2021

The Services Union (our Union) and Centacare met in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Friday, 22 January 2021, to reach an understanding on job security and regular hours for part-time workers. The FWC looked closer at the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement…

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Union and Centacare Back to Fair Work Commission

Social & Communities December 7, 2020

In October, The Services Union (our Union) and Centacare sought advice from the Fair Work Commission (FWC) regarding contracts for part-time workers and job security. The FWC agreed that the contracts were in breach of the Centacare Collective Agreement (the…

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Celebrate Equal Week From 30 November!

Social & Communities November 18, 2020

Your next payrise is coming up! Your pay is about to go up! Do you want to know how much by? Go to:  On 1 December the minimum rates of pay for community and disability workers will increase again….

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Important information sessions for members on Portable Long Service Leave for the Social and Community Services Industry

Social & Communities October 16, 2020

Our unions campaign has made Portable Long Service Leave a reality for the Social and Community Services Industry! We know that as a member and impacted worker you are keen to know more about the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme….

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Commission Agrees with Union, One Step Closer to Secured Regular Hours!

Social & Communities October 16, 2020

The Services Union (our Union) is aware that part-time workers at Centacare are concerned about job security. Centacare provides these workers with a minimum of only 16 hours per week. However, Union members regularly work far beyond this minimum and…

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SACS Budget Update – We Won Pay Equity

Social & Communities October 8, 2020

Yesterday, Wednesday 7 October, we provided SACS members with a brief on the Federal Budget and most importantly that ASU members have Saved Equal Pay! The briefing was well attended but we know that it is often difficult to get…

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Save Equal Pay WIN

Social & Communities October 7, 2020

Breaking news from last night’s Federal Budget: ASU members have saved Equal Pay! Last night the Federal Government announced that they would life base funding in Department of Social Services Grants to cover the costs for Equal Pay wages won…

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