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Roster Changes at Endeavour, KNOW your rights.

Social & Communities July 27, 2021

At The Services Union, we know that you work hard every day delivering frontline services for The Endeavour Foundation (EF). Our Union is frequently informed of roster changes for employees at EF. We answer hundreds of calls a year assisting…

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Social & Communities July 21, 2021

Members of The Services Union have fought tirelessly for secure work. Our Union knows that with no job security, it can be very difficult to get a home loan, to secure a regular income, to budget for living expenses or…

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Annual Wage Increase for Social and Community Services Workers

Social & Communities July 1, 2021

Members employed in the Social and Community Services Industry will see an increase in their take home pay within the next couple of weeks as a result of the Union’s lobbying for a decent wage rise.  The Social, Community, Home…

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We need your input to proposed de-centralising of National Scheduling Team

Social & Communities June 25, 2021

Our Union is working with members to ensure your voice is heard in respect to Aruma’s decision to de-centralise the current scheduling tasks so we are seeking your input via this survey. The proposal which can be read here is…

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Do you work in Children’s Contact Services? Have your say on the future of your sector

Social & Communities June 24, 2021

There are big changes coming to Children’s Contact Services, have your say on these changes by filling out the ASU’s survey. The Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department is considering the establishment of an accreditation system for CCSs, including the minimum requirements…

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Union Members’ Voices at Centacare

Social & Communities June 10, 2021

The Services Union knows how important it is for workers to feel their voices are heard. Fortunately for Union members at Centacare, you have a forum that gives you just that: a consultative space to address your concerns and seek…

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Update on Secure Contracts and Consultation Breaches at Centacare

Social & Communities June 2, 2021

The Services Union understands how much you value the work you do across Centacare; we only wish Centacare’s leadership team valued you as much.   Luckily, our Union values you which is why we have attended a Fair Work Commission…

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Ozcare Negotiations – We Need Your Input

Social & Communities May 31, 2021

As a hardworking member working at Ozcare, you deserve to be paid a decent wage that keeps up with the cost of living and have fair working conditions. Unfortunately, your employer seems to have other ideas! Although The Services Union…

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Myhorizon – Just Like Pulling Teeth

Social & Communities May 17, 2021

Working out what Myhorizon has been doing with your jobs is not easy, but we are making headway and we haven’t given up! The Services Union’s notification of dispute about the unauthorised stand down from employment imposed on many of…

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