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Queensland Rail Train Controllers on Track for a Fantastic Agreement!

Rail February 18, 2020

We are pleased to inform Train Control members of The Services Union at Queensland Rail (QR) that our Protected Action Ballot has been voted up. The results indicate a strong vote on each of the actions, which will send a…

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QUEENSLAND RAIL CASUALS……Are You Eligible For Overtime?

Rail February 5, 2020

The Services Union has received queries from our Queensland Rail members who are employed as Resource Centre Casuals about Overtime. Below is a clear summary of your eligibility for Over-Time if you are employed as a Casual: All casual employees…

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Queensland Rail – Tell Us What We Already Know!

Rail January 23, 2020

On Tuesday 21 January 2020 you would have seen a communications piece from Queensland Rail updating employees about the state of the negotiations for the replacement enterprise agreements, and ‘informing’ employees about the protected action ballots which have been successfully…

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Queensland Rail – Health Alert. See Your Supervisor.

Rail November 11, 2019

Queensland Rail – Health Alert. See You Supervisor. Queensland Health have issued a Health Alert due to the smoke impacting regions across Queensland. Queensland Rail have advised The Services Union they are investigating how they can address the concerns of…

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southern downs regional council

Qld Rail Paid-Time Bargaining Update Meetings

Rail October 16, 2019

Please be encouraged to participate in one of the following paid-time meetings to discussion where we’re at in the bargaining negotiations at Qld Rail. You can attend ONE of the paid-time meetings either by teleconference; video link or in person….

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Queensland Rail – Proposed Changes To Higher Level Operating Structures!

Rail October 15, 2019

Queensland Rail (QR) has commenced consulting on its proposed changes to the higher-level operating structure. As part of the initial consultation with The Services Union, QR has given assurances that the proposed changes will not impact on: Staffing levels Classifications…

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Queensland Rail – Radio Black Spots

Rail October 10, 2019

We are receiving a large number of concerns from members about some difficulties with the new Queensland Rail hand held radios.  We have heard of a number of Black-spots.  This issue was raised at the recent NGR Safety Initiatives Forum…

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Queensland Rail – Station Operations Survey

Rail July 12, 2019

The Services Union is getting continuous feedback about rosters, roster changes, the timeliness of roster change notifications and the number of unfilled shifts and the impact that this is having on the teams at Queensland Rail (QR). With the return…

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