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Queensland Rail – Have You Been Consulted?

Queensland Rail – Have You Been Consulted?

Rail October 9, 2018

There is a lot of work happening across Queensland Rail (QR), as always, and The Services Union is directly involved in consultation for some proposed changes. QR have provided us with a number of consultation packs for various proposals, and…

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The Services Union QR EBA Survey – HAVE YOUR SAY!

Rail August 30, 2018

The Services Union has begun to actively engage staff one to one in recent weeks with our Rail Organiser Jacqui Pedersen conducting visits on various floors in Rail Centre 1. It has been some years since we were able to…

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Great News For Aurizon Members – EBA Ballot Rejected!

Rail July 9, 2018

Great news for members today – the substandard Aurizon EBA has been rejected AGAIN! The Services Union has asked Aurizon to return to negotiations and we are now waiting to hear from them. In the meantime, union members continue to…

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Pigs Still Flying at Aurizon – Vote No!

Rail July 6, 2018

Pigs are still flying at Aurizon. If you haven’t voted yet, it’s important to Vote No to save your working conditions and entitlements. Please see the flyer below or download it here. If you are a Level 6 or 7,…

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Aurizon – Services Union Members It’s Time for Action for a Fair Agreement

Rail July 1, 2018

Important Information for members at Aurizon. Your fellow workers, the RTBU Network Control members, will be commencing their campaign for a fair and just agreement, Thursday, 5 July 2018 RTBU Network Controllers want you to support them. You can support…

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Aurizon aren’t seeking to negotiate. VOTE NO!

Rail June 29, 2018

Anyone voting on the Aurizon Staff EA needs to read the attached and remember to vote No next week. Aurizon aren’t seeking to negotiate – two thirds of employees rightly rejected the last proposal and instead of returning to bargaining…

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Aurizon Operations Limited’s Revised Agreement – Fresh Application to FWC for Protected Industrial Action

Rail June 25, 2018

Protected Industrial Action At Aurizon. The recent Protected Action Ballot (PAB) of The Services Union members employed at Aurizon was unsuccessful because of the inadequate number of votes returned to the Australian Electoral Commission. This result can be attributed to…

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Longreach Regional Council

AURIZON Bungle The Voting Process

Rail June 19, 2018

Last week it was brought to our attention that some of our members had not yet received their ballot paper for the upcoming Protected Industrial Action. As part of the process it is required that both parties (Aurizon and The…

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Aurizon – Good things take a little longer to cook!

Rail June 12, 2018

Whether it’s a delicious flying pig or an EBA that’s fair and reasonable. Don’t rush into an Agreement just because you are not sure what might follow your decision. The consequences of voting up Aurizon’s proposed EBA will be with…

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Pigs Are Flying Around The Offices Of The Aurizon Management

Rail June 7, 2018

It seems pigs are flying around the offices of  the Aurizon management! Aurizon management seem to think that slashing your Superannuation, cutting your wages and axing your conditions is a really great idea! Download and share the Pigs Are Flying…

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