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Energy Super Sessions – Strategic Super – How to make it work for you!

GeneralEnergy February 13, 2019

Our loyal partner Energy Super is holding Strategic Super Sessions across Queensland during the first half of 2019! Having a Superannuation strategy is simply having a plan to achieve a desired future; and desired futures are what Super’s all about….

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Stanwell - Tarong Power Station – Progress Made

Stanwell Tarong Power Station – Progress Made

Energy December 12, 2018

The Services Union has met with Tarong Power Station management again and significant progress was made towards a replacement enterprise agreement. The progress made is a vindication of the strategy union members voted on at the mass meeting on Friday…

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Just Transition

Bill Shorten to Establish A Just Transition Authority

Energy November 23, 2018

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten to establish a Just Transition Authority The Services Union “Our Energy Footprint” 2015-2020 Campaign has continued to pursue the goals established in 2015 by the Energy Industry delegates to establish “Just Transition” principles in State…

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Cleanco Update

Energy October 30, 2018

The Services Union has commenced engagement with Government with regards to the Cleanco announcement. An IR Steering Committee has been formed which includes officials from the relevant unions, Government and employer representatives. Future meetings will be focused on options for…

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Energy QLD

Energy QLD Retail – Workplace Culture Survey

Energy October 16, 2018

Ergon Retail workers are invited to participate in our Workplace Culture Survey. This survey is being conducted by The Services Union in conjunction with your Retail Delegates. We want to understand the pressures and demands that relate to the roles…

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Data #3 – Return your signed Contract 4pm today! Friday 29 June 2018

Energy June 29, 2018

Attached is a response The Services Union has received from Data#3 regarding the concerns we raised about your contracts of employment. From the contracts provided to us, we have checked the applicable rates and they are in line with the…

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Data #3 – Contract Update

Energy June 27, 2018

The Services Union is currently in the process of reviewing the new Data#3 contracts of employment which were issued to employees on Monday, 25 June 2018 and have identified several concerns around the obligations that Data#3 have included. It is our…

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Our Energy, Our Future This Election!

Energy November 14, 2017

As an employee in the Energy Industry, your working rights and conditions were ripped apart by the previous Newman/Nicholls Liberal National Party Government. As a worker in this industry you saw first-hand how close we also came to losing our…

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Big Win For EQL Members….But the fight is never over!

Energy November 8, 2017

Union members at Energy Queensland Limited (EQL) have achieved a great win by overwhelmingly voting in favour of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) that secures some very important working conditions! Compared to the situation just a few years ago…

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Energy October 23, 2017

The Services Union is pleased to report that your Enterprise Agreement ballot at Energy Queensland Limited (EQL) is open for those eligible to vote and will close at midnight Sunday 5 November 2017. The Australian Election Company (AEC), an independent…

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