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The 28th Way – Natural Disaster Leave

Severe Weather is forcing Queenslanders to batten down the hatches year in, year out … And as the damage intensifies with each storm the response from thousands of ordinary Queenslanders to assist others in need is enough to soften the hardest of hearts.  

When severe weather hits at home, we all want to help.  We need to do this in a safe and practical manner.  During a flood, cyclonic disturbance, fire or severe storm we need the capacity to:

  • ensure the protection of our families;
  • secure our homes;
  • undertake temporary repairs;
  • restore belongings; and
  • clean up.

In Queensland, what we have witnessed time and time again in the days following the severe weather is ordinary Queenslanders descending on flood and cyclone ravaged streets and suburbs to help reeling residents.

Queensland workers can be prepared for severe weather at home and at work.

Employees who are prevented from attending their normal place of work because of floods, cyclonic disturbances, fire or severe storms may be granted up to five (5) days paid leave per calendar year (non-cumulative) at the Managers discretion i.e. being satisfied that the absence is unavoidable or justified.  This workplace right is Natural Disaster Leave. 

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Natural Disaster Leave is our newest workplace right and just one of the growing 27 ways being part of The Service Union improves your lifestyle.

Our members have taken time to work with you to grow and establish our new workplace right.  Natural Disaster Leave is a workplace right many of our members have achieved through enterprise bargaining.  It is a workplace right that is more familiar to our members in Central and North Queensland who have experienced severe weather for many years and have campaigned to achieve this.

Queenslanders in the last five years know that severe weather has no boundaries and members now in South East Queensland region and other parts of Queensland face uncertainty at work when a natural disaster occurs and there is no procedure in place to deal with this.

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