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30 Way – Mental Health In The Workplace

The Services Union is continuing with its 27 Ways and Growing Campaign with the launch of its 30th Way – Mental Health In The Workplace.














Why is this issue so important?

  1. Australian employees expect mental health support in the workplace environment, but many are not aware of, or are unable to access appropriate resources;
  2. Three quarters (75%) of Australian employees believe workplaces should provide support to someone who is experiencing depression or anxiety;
  3. When mental health is valued, and appropriate resources are available in the workplace, there are real benefits to business;
  4. In workplaces that employees consider mentally healthy, self-reported absenteeism as a result of experiencing mental ill-health almost halves (13%); and
  5. Australian businesses lose $10.9 billion each year to mental illness in the workplace.


Our Union strives on a daily basis to ensure that our members have the 9 attributes needed for a healthy workplace – and this is part of the campaign’s aim.



More updates coming soon.















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