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Your membership of The Services Union is important to ensuring our Union continues to make a Real Change, to make Australia a more just place to live and work.

If you have a membership enquiry, please see if your question can be answered in our most frequently asked questions section which will appear below when you log in to our website.

If not, please send your question via email, where The Services Union will aim to respond to your enquiry, in most circumstances, within one working day. Please ensure to choose ‘membership’ in the enquiry field.

Alternatively, you can telephone Services Connect on (07) 3844 5300.

We are by your side.

Fortnightly direct debit processing occurs everyday. So that your fees more closely align with your pay, let us know the date of your next pay and we can have your membership fees processed the next business day following your payday.

Tax statements can be generated manually upon request; however, in busy periods it may take us some time to respond to your request. Alternatively, you can quickly calculate your fees yourself by referencing your bank or credit card statements. The Australian Taxation Office accepts statements from your financial institution, showing your union fee deductions, as a written record of claims for work-related expenses. If you pay your membership fees by pay-roll deduction, a full tax statement for the full year cannot be provided until your employer has sent through all of your fees for the financial year to The Services Union and provided listings for those payments to be processed by our membership staff.

To provide the best possible membership services to you, we will need your current bank details at all times. There are a few ways you can keep your union up to date with your details. You can email our membership department at or alternatively, please telephone Services Connect on (07) 3844 5300. You can also update your details on our website. Please click here.

It’s important to maintain your membership of The Services Union as you never know when you may need it. All membership fee waivers from The Services Union can only be given in accordance with our union’s rules. A member may request a waiver of membership fees for unpaid extended leave, unpaid parental leave or for financial hardship. All applications must be made in writing to the Branch Secretary Neil Henderson identifying the reasons for the request and the date the waiver is requested to commence. In cases of unpaid maternity leave and extended leave without pay, please provide your expected return date.

Membership fees are 100 % tax deductible. Please view our current fees here.

Members must meet the financial obligations set out in our union’s rules. Members must pay subscriptions, levies and fines in accordance with ASU National Rules 18, 19, 22 and 36 or QSU rules 14, 15 and 16.  The rules, policies and administrative arrangements of the ASU and the QSU give recognition to the financial status of members so that there is no requirement to pay more than one membership fee in any year of membership and the subscription fees for the ASU and the QSU are maintained at the same level.

When you no longer need or want to be a member of The Services Union, you need to resign in writing. If you are still eligible to be a member but would like to resign, you need to provide two weeks’ notice of your resignation and are required to pay membership fees until that date.

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