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About Our Union

The Services Union is committed to supporting Queensland workers and communities. Our members work everyday to build our community and to provide high-quality public and community services.

Across our industries, our members are frontline staff and managers working in local authorities, the electricity, water, rail, travel, ports and shipping industries, community services, information technology, airlines and the private clerical sector.

Who We Are

We are the Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union Queensland (Services and Northern Administrative) Branch and the Queensland Services, Industrial Union of Employees trading as The Services Union.


Fairness, Justice, Democracy, Dignity, Equality and Collectivism.


All members have the right to the dignity of safe and secure work. Our vision is for a strong, courageous and collective voice to continually improve our conditions and the culture of our workplaces and communities.

We will achieve this together.

Join us, support us and make a difference – The Services Union is always by your side.



The Services Union represents a broad range of Administration, Technical and Professional workers in the Energy Industry.

Employers in this industry include Energy Queensland – (merged from energy companies Energex, Ergon, Ergon Retail and SPARQ Solutions), Powerlink, CS Energy, Stanwell Corporation and a number of privately owned generators.

Our members provide vital support and servicing of Queensland’s electricity networks and they work in all sectors of the electrical supply industry, including power generation, distribution, transmission and information and communications technology services.

As highly skilled and professional individuals, our members are employed as technical officers, professional engineers, electrical system designers/advisers, supervisory, para-professionals, systems operators, administrative officers, IT and professional managers in communications, human resources and business support roles in the electricity industry.

Many members are tertiary qualified with degrees in business, information technology, engineering, environmental science, journalism, communications and marketing, whilst other members have gained their wealth of knowledge through trade and on-the-job experience.

Our members are working collectively in the Energy Industry to advocate for improved wages and working conditions, while also maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

If you work in the Energy Industry  – join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.

Local Authorities

The Local Authorities Industry includes all Local Government Councils (Councils) and Local Government Owned Corporations (LGOCs), including former Aboriginal and Islander Community Councils.

Our Union is the largest union representing workers employed by Local Authorities Industry in Queensland who are employed in Administrative, Technical, Community Service, Supervisory and Managerial Services.

The Queensland Local Government Industry Award – State 2017 is the Award that applicable Award for Council workers and a copy can be found here.

A majority of Councils have Certified Agreements in place that regulate the employment of our members. Copies of these Agreements can be found here.

The Local Authorities Industry also includes workers employed by LGOCs: Queensland Urban Utilities and Unity Water. As these organisations operate as corporations their employment arrangements  fall under the Federal Employment Relations system.

Our members in the Local Authorities Industry work in every aspect of Council operations. They work in local laws, as town planners, in the construction and maintenance of our roads, parks and gardens, in the administration and finance sections, and in water distribution and management.

Many of our members work in professional occupations such as; engineering, town planning, accountancy, business, economics, information and technology, communications and marketing, arts, librarianship, education and environmental science. Many members have also gained their wealth of knowledge through long-term work experience in their role.

Members are also versed in many aspects of the Local Government governance making sure that the Council and constituents comply with Local Government codes and regulations.  Our members work hard to ensure that all Queensland communities receive the services they need.

Our members are proud to help create and maintain the infrastructure and services of the local communities they are part of.

If you work in the Local Authorities Industry and are eligible to be our member, join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.

Ports & Private

The Services Union is a key union in the Ports Industry in Queensland.

The main ports businesses where our members work are the Gladstone Ports Corporation (incorporating Port Alma and Port of Bundaberg), Ports North (Cairns), North Queensland Bulk Ports (Mackay) including Abbot Point and Hay Point coal terminals, and Brisbane Office.

The North Queensland Bulk Ports are essential to the import and export delivery of cargo such as sugar, fuel, grains, coal and bauxite, as well as the import of machinery for mines in Queensland. Whilst the Gladstone Ports Corporation currently operates coal terminals, it has a future focus on planning for infrastructure to meet industry demands for gas exports.

Working in occupations such as, administration and technical officers, environmental science, surveying and civil design, mechanical and electrical engineering, our members working in the Ports Industry form a highly skilled workforce that delivers many of the services needed to keep the ports running. They are also responsible for the building and maintenance of the ports while ensuring that infrastructure such as roads, sewerage and water distribution systems are maintained.

As part of a highly educated workforce, many of our members in the Ports Industry hold tertiary qualifications in accounting, engineering (civil, mechanical and electrical), economics, environmental science and finance.

Our Ports Industry members, through their collective bargaining, always aim for fair and equitable wages and conditions and ensure the smooth operations of our State’s ports.

If you work in the Ports Industry, join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.

The Services Union covers workers employed in a variety of Private Industries, which include those who work in the Information Technology Service Industry, Shipping and Travel.

The Services Union also covers Cairns and Mackay Airport workers. Our members work in property, aviation, commercial and travel sections, as well as finance and asset services.

Information and Technology

The Services Union covers a range of workers employed in Information and Technology in Queensland.

The main employers in this industry are Fuji Xerox, Canon, NCR Australia, IBM and CSG print services. Our members are engaged in maintaining computers, software development and all aspects of the Information Technology Industry.

If you work in IT, join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.


The Services Union also covers workers in the Travel Industry including Money Exchanges.

Employers in these industries include; Jetset Travelworld Group, Flight Centre and Travelex. The Services Union covers people employed as travel consultants engaged in wholesale, retail, inbound and outbound roles. Our members in this industry also can work in clerical, administrative, marketing, sales and management roles.

Ensuring their efficiency, our members play very important roles in the Australian tourism industry, which is vital to our economy.

If you work in the Travel Industry, join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.


The Services Union covers workers in the Shipping Industry.

Employers in the industry include P&O and Svitzer. Our members work in administration, dispatch, carriage and cargo. They are the men and women who work behind the scenes to ensure that the Australian Shipping Industry operates efficiently.

If you work in the Travel Shipping Industry, join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.


The Northern Queensland and Clerical Administrative Industry includes workers engaged in any clerical capacity in North Queensland.

The Services Union also covers workers employed in clerical and administrative roles in domestic and international airlines based and flying out of North Queensland. We  cover workers in North Queensland at Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air Niugini Regional Express, Eastern Australia Airlines, Sunstate Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and other overseas airlines, as well as contractors for airfreight companies like Australian Air Express. The work our members do in the airline industry can include customer service, airline freight operations, finance and administrations.

Generally, the region of North Queensland means from north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Our Union can also cover all clerical and administrative employees in  Private Hospitals and Medical Centres. Our members work in such roles as administrators, clerical office workers and receptionists.

If this is your work, join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.


The Services Union is a key union in the Rail Industry in Queensland, with the two largest employers in this industry being Queensland Rail (QR) and Aurizon.

Our Union has members in nearly all areas at QR and Aurizon, including coal, passenger, freight, network operations and rail infrastructure. Our members work in these sections as administrators, technical officers, professional staff, train controllers, customer service officers, network controllers, transit officers and rollingstock operators.

Providing the essential services that keep our trains moving, the work of our members in the Rail Industry is diverse, with many members holding tertiary, technical and trade qualifications.

From administrators and managers who work in rostering, planning, marketing and finance to network service officers such as engineers and planners who design and maintain rail infrastructure, to train controllers, our members in the Rail Industry are highly professional people who work behind the scenes to make sure our communities are safe when they travel and that cargo reaches its destination.

The Services Union also has many members employed as customer-service officers in the industry. They are a big part of the rail network and the people you are most likely to see when you travel. Our members work on our city and regional train stations or on long-distance trains as caterers, cleaners and service staff. Our Union also has members who work as transit officers and station staff who provide services for customers in areas such as ticketing and on-board safety. Our members in the Rail Industry believe in having the best and safest rail services possible.

If you work in the Rail Industry – join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.

Social & Communities

The Social and Community Sector (SACS) members are dedicated and skilled non-government care sector workers.

SACS members work in:

  • disability services;
  • child protection, youth and family services;
  • health, mental health and alcohol and other drug services;
  • community and neighbourhood services;
  • migrant and settlement services;
  • homelessness, housing and tenancy services;
  • community legal services;
  • Aboriginal services;
  • women’s services;
  • policy, advocacy and campaigning;
  • employment services; and
  • community transport.

Our members work for both large and small non-government community services. The industry is as diverse as the clients. SACS workers often work with some of the most marginalised members of society and they support our communities to develop towards a fairer world. SACS workers are highly skilled, qualified and essential for a fair go for all in our community.

NDIS Delegates’ Network
The NDIS Delegates Network is a member driven group which meets regularly to discuss issues facing workers across the disability sector with a specific focus on the roll out of the NDIS. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

The Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners (ACCDP)  is a new professional College of the Australian Services Union (ASU) which has been established to ensure workers are at the front-and-centre of discussions and decisions about their work – how it is defined, what standards are set and how those standards are implemented. Click here to find out more.

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