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The Services Union – All members have the right to the dignity of safe and secure work. Our vision is for a strong, courageous and collective voice to continually improve our conditions and the culture of our workplaces and communities.

We will achieve this together. The Services Union is always by your side.

When you become a member of The Services Union, you join the collective of members who are working hard to build our community and who aim to provide high-quality community services. Being a member also means you may have access to services from our Union such as : expert advice on wages, conditions and employment rights; assistance for workplace issues such as bullying; access to union lawyers if you get hurt at work, and assistance with bargaining with your employers.

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Our Fees

Through our combined resources, we have built a union that has the power and expertise to make a difference to the lives of workers in our industries.

The Services Union’s strength comes from working together to achieve the change we want in our community, industries and workplaces. We are always by your side.

Part of our strength is financial. Union membership fees, pooled together, mean that we have the money to run campaigns, provide training, employ experienced professional staff to represent us and lobby government and employers.

Union fees are fully tax deductible and our extra membership benefits can save you money.

Please view our current fees below.

Download: Direct Debit Service Agreement

Download: Membership Fees 2020-2021 as tabled below

Download: Payroll Deduction Rates 2020/2021.  Please contact Services Connect on (07) 3844 5300 for information about this option.


  • I understand that my ASU Branch will correspond with me either by mail and/or email at my preferred address with union news or other unions matters. If I wish to opt out of receiving information about special offers for union members, I will contact my Branch after membership has been confirmed.




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