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Get Active & Training

There are many ways to get active in our Union so we can have a strong voice in your workplace.

Become A Workplace Delegate.

You can make a contribution to Real Change by making our Union visible in your workplace. You can do this as a Workplace Delegate.

What is a Workplace Delegate?

A Workplace Delegate is a member who has put their hand up to become more active in our Union because they are passionate about creating a better workplace for everyone at work. They are supported by their fellow members to represent and organise their workplace. Workplace Delegates are essential because the work that they do keeps our Union strong and united.


Unfortunately due to the risk posed by the Coronavirus, The Services Union has made the decision to cancel all face-to-face training for 2020.

However, The Services Union is now offering a new range of sessions open to all members of the Union.

The topics covered will be:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements;
  • DV Work Aware; and
  • Mental Health in the Workplace.

These sessions will be conducted via Zoom with Union Trainer, Holly Patterson.

All sessions will run for approximately 1 hour and will be held multiple times in August, so you can register for the time and date which suits you best.

You must pre-register via the links below to gain access to the Zoom session.

Please note, each session is limited to 100 participants so registration is essential to secure your place.

Find out more by clicking here.


There are many other ways you can get involved whether you are a working member, a student member or a retired or lifetime member.

Some of the ways for you to Get Active can include:

  • Calling members for campaigns; updating details; inviting to events;
  • Getting involved in our campaigns.
  • Working within our industries on policy, strategy and campaigns;
  • Participating in ‘High Vis’ activities like displaying signs or street markets;
  • Attending Labour Day;
  • Helping out with the Labour Day BBQ;
  • Labour Day preparations in the Union office;
  • Volunteering for activities during elections;
  • Campaign Door Knocking;
  • Writing a blurb about your positive union experience;
  • Making our Union visible in your workplace;
  • Being part of photos to promote union activities; and
  • Telling us your story for publication.

Or you can be an active member by simply asking a workmate to Be Part of a Real Change and join us! 

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