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Joining In Dispute Policy

One of our Union’s roles is to protect and support the individual and collective needs of our financial members’ industrial interests. This is made possible by the collection of annual membership fees and levies. These funds are expended solely on activities and services that directly benefit our Union’s membership and meet the goals and objectives that are made according to the determination of the Branch Executive, within our Union’s rules and constitution.

The Branch Executive has the responsibility to ensure that all resources are used as efficiently as possible, keeping in mind that they represent assets that have been built up over time by the collective contributions of our Union members, and their use should be strictly controlled and limited. The conscientious use of member’s funds ensures that our union remains financially strong and better placed to defend its members’ rights.

As such, the Branch Executive, while encouraging all workers to join our Union and enjoy the benefits that membership provides, has determined that certain limits may apply to that membership with respect to persons who seek to join our Union with pre-existing problems and unresolved disputes.

Only the Branch/State Secretary has the discretion to vary the Joining In Dispute Policy, if special circumstances dictate, but generally the following provisions will be observed and adhered to:


  • Upon making an application to join our union, the prospective member will sign and date the membership application form and submit it to the union for processing. Under normal circumstances, this will occur within two weeks of receipt. The date the form is received by the union will be the reference date for any future consideration by the Branch Secretary of a member’s entitlements.
  • A member becomes entitled to all the benefits of membership from that date, with the exception of matters relating to a pre-existing problem or dispute that would require the provision of resources over and above those allowed for in points 1 to 3 below.
  • For the purposes of this policy, a new member is defined as having less than three months of membership.
  • As a general principle, our Union cannot divert resources away from existing members’ funds to take up pre-existing problems and disputes that the new member may have had before joining the union. However, new members who fall within this category will not be sent away without any assistance at all.
  • New members with pre-existing problems and disputes will be offered the following options for assistance:
    1. Initial advice through consultation with an Industrial Officer from The Services Union.
    2. Referral to an appropriate outside agency if one exists and access to Union Law, for an initial consultation, if the matter is relevant.
    3. Full or partial assistance may be provided at the discretion of the Branch Secretary in special circumstances where more than one member is affected by a workplace problem depending on the nature of the issue.

For point 3 to be considered, it is incumbent upon the new member to disclose the nature of any existing problems and/or disputes at the time of making the application for membership. Failure to do so may result in any subsequent approach to the Branch Secretary, under the provisions of point 3, failing a discretionary ruling.

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