Union hold line against fortnightly pay at City of GC Council

 Inside or outside your workplace, The Services Union is always by your side to protect your entitlements at City of Gold Coast. Last week our Union attended the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) halt the City’s attempt to unilaterally change your pay from weekly to fortnightly. We tabled our view that the City is prevented from making this change as it amounts to an extra claim, which the ‘No Extra Claims’ provision of your current Certified Agreement prohibits.

The City clearly had other ideas but was unable to articulate its argument to the QIRC’s satisfaction. As the City was not interested in reaching a resolution on the day, the matter will be decided in a formal hearing. We will press for the earliest possible listing so members can have some certainty about their pay frequency. Stay tuned for further updates.

Members know our Union is your ally in the workplace when it comes to defending your conditions. If you work with someone who is concerned about being moved to fortnightly pays but is not yet a member, remind them that joining is quick, easy and confidential online via our website. 

Above: Members at City of Gold Coast Council know that The Services Union is by their side when it comes to pursuing their industrial rights.