Strengthening Local Government Campaign

Members of The Services Union (TSU) know that a highly skilled, qualified, professional, and sustainable workforce is essential to delivering high quality services to support our communities.

Members know that leadership, culture, work design and work environment shape these outcomes. To support the Local Government Workforce, our union seeks to work with all Councils to develop and implement improved health and wellbeing outcomes for members.

Our members have developed a campaign to Strengthen Local Government. Please click here to read our campaign flyer.

We are working together to improve:
  • Fair pay and working conditions including employee development
  • Job security
  • Workplace health and safety and prioritising mental health and wellbeing
  • A positive work-life balance
Enterprise bargaining provides our members with the opportunity to set new wages and conditions at Council. When we are bargaining for a wage increase its essential that our Queensland Local Government Wages relativities are addressed. Wage relativities is a key outcome of achieving fair pay and working conditions to strengthen local government.

Please click here to read about wage relativities in Local Government. Wage relativity is important as it is one of the mechanisms which established the wage relationship between traditionally female dominated classifications and traditionally male classifications. Under the provisions of s201 of the Industrial Relations Act the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission must be satisfied that equal remuneration is being implemented or will be implemented if an Agreement is made.

The value of our members’ work is important – we are worth more at work. It’s not unreasonable for our members to want a wage offer that is fair and equal across all areas of Council and a wage increase that addresses the cost of living pressures for all staff with the National CPI now at 5.1% and Brisbane sitting at 6%.

We need your help to win! Please download our flyer and take a selfie with your colleagues and email your photo to [email protected]