Relativity rhino in the room at Moreton Bay Regional Council

The Services Union knows the value of your work, and your contribution to what Moreton Bay Regional Council delivers to your community.

That’s why our Union reinforced to the Council at yesterday’s negotiations that members have copped enough short-changing since 2015 with the two-tiering of Stream A staff, discounted penalty rates, and the Council consistently and deliberately ignoring the rhino in the room – Wage Relativities!

The relativities between Award classification streams were set down in 1992 and are still valid today. They are based on percentages of the C10 trade (Fitter) rate, with Administration Level 1.3 at 100%, 2.4 (three-year graduate) at 125% and 3.1 (four-year graduate) at 128%.

Here’s how your relativities stack up at a glance:
Trade Rate (Stream C) Administrative Rates (Stream A)
C10 (100%) = $60,028
1.3 = $60,160 = 100.2%
[125% = $75,035] 2.4 = $69,456 = 116%
[128% = $76,835.84] 3.1 = $71,073 = 118%

 While Level 1.3 is sitting exactly where it should, higher levels are not so lucky. The further up the classification structure, the bigger the relativity gap. A level 3.1 employee is currently $5,762 behind the eight-ball!

This issue is not new to your employer. Our Union has raised concerns about distorted relativities at almost every meeting since bargaining began earlier this year, as well as during previous negotiations.

The Council is wilfully ignoring the facts around wage relativities and is instead wasting our time with clumsy arguments to undermine the value of your work. Our Union has consistently reminded the Council that the difference between your pay and the rates in the Award have no practical basis, and have never been used as an official comparator to determine remuneration outcomes. As we have repeatedly told the Council, the wage relativities that matter are those between classification structures.

On top of yesterday’s heated discussion around wage relativities, we also re-emphasised your claim to address penalty rate arrangements for any-5-in-7 staff and the importance of a wage increase that reflects the ongoing cost of living crisis.

The Services Union will be by your side throughout the whole bargaining process and will continue to advocate for better conditions and wage increases that reflect the value of your work!
Brisbane City Council
Above: Members at Moreton Bay Regional Council continue with their EBA negotiations.