Let's talk about our next JCC

What’s happening at Multicultural Australia?

At Multicultural Australia there have been many changes and as your Union that stands by your side, we want to know what you would like us to discuss at the next Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting.

From our last survey, Union members found many Agreement clauses and company policies that needed more clarity and amendments to meet the current climate. Union members have also discussed bargaining for a new Collective Agreement this year as the current Collective Agreement has expired.

As your representatives, we intend to table this issue with other input from Union members. As your Union representatives, we would like to forward our collective perspectives on bargaining, organisational changes, and more at the August JCC meeting. To aid us we need to know what you think.

We have a quick Survey to capture your views that will run from the 4th of August until the JCC meeting which we intend to schedule in mid-August. To fill out the Survey, please click here

Speak to your Union Delegates or Union Organiser today and if your colleagues are not Union members yet, ask them to join.


Above: Members at Multicultural Australia know that strong union membership in their workplace means better outcomes.