Moreton Bay Regional Council fails to address economics

Negotiating pay is rarely a quick and simple process, and members of The Services Union at Moreton Bay Regional Council know that our Union is by your side for as long as it takes to get it right.

If you are among those of our members already of the view that the Council’s latest offer of 3.5% per year was insufficient, your views are further vindicated following today’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) announcement from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). CPI for the June Quarter nationally is now at 6.1% and the Brisbane rate has climbed to 7.3%. Even the underlying inflation rate of 4.9%, the highest since the series commenced in 2003, points to the inadequacy of the Council’s offer.

Council stated it had reached its ceiling in terms of pay offers. However, management representatives confirmed they would convey to the Executive Leadership Team our concerns about the impact of the rapidly increasing cost-of-living, with inflation now more than twice what the Council says it is prepared to offer.

The Council needs to accept that the current economic situation will not just disappear. There is absolutely no justification for anyone at the Council who is depending on the outcome of these negotiations to have their wages cut.

We’ll be in touch with members shortly to formulate our next steps towards achieving the pay package you deserve, as opposed to the one the Council thinks it can get away with. Only members will help shape our approach at this crucial stage of negotiations, so if you work with someone who thinks what’s on offer just doesn’t cut it but is not yet a member, remind them that now’s the time to improve our strength in numbers. Joining is quick and easy online.

Above: Members at Moreton Bay Regional Council continue their campaign for fair wages!